How the Anesthesia Care Team Model Can Contribute to Clinical Quality Excellence in Your OR.




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Presented in February 2012, “How The Anesthesia Care Team Model Can Contribute to Clinical Quality Excellence in Your OR” focused on the emergence of the anesthesia care team model and why it has become an increasingly popular staffing model for hospitals to implement.  The discussion explained how and why hospitals choose a blended team care model, the potential benefits of doing so, and the education, licensing, and experience requirements of the model’s clinician mix.  Featured case studies were presented by a CRNA about his role in a team care model at a California hospital and from the perspective of a chief of anesthesia who oversees a blended care model at a Washington State facility.

Speakers:   Robert Farrar, MD, JD, FLCM, Vice President of Medical Affairs, Somnia Anesthesia; Brent Sommers, CRNA, Desert Regional Medical Center; and Frank Schramm, MD, Chief of Anesthesia, Providence Regional Medical Center

We also invite you to download our white paper, “CRNAs in the Care Team Model,” from the Thought Leadership section of our Web site, to learn about the role and benefits of integrating CRNAs in the anesthesia care team model.

Learn the benefits of the ACT model and how it is being put into action at two West Coast hospitals.

“The anesthesia care team model is a cost-effective, high quality alternative to MD-only delivery of anesthesia care.”

-Robert Farrar, MD, JD, FCLM

Vice President of Medical Affairs,      Somnia Anesthesia

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