The truth is, the decision to change anesthesia providers can be painful. But it doesn’t have to be. After nearly 25 years of transitioning care teams of all sizes, we know what to expect from the process and are prepared for almost any scenario.

Hospitals and health systems that work with us realize that Somnia offers local anesthesia practice stability through strong onsite medical leadership.

Each solution we provide offers the regional support, innovation and national resources small groups lack. Our highly skilled collaborative care teams create high-performing anesthesia departments that make safe care, better outcomes, enhanced patient experiences and goal alignment their priorities.

As a trusted partner with decades of anesthesia-only management experience, there are certain things you can expect from us.

  • Clinical excellence through evidence-based patient safety protocols
  • Real-time data collection, analysis, and regular reporting
  • Perioperative medicine
  • Collaborative contract management
  • Experienced executives supporting clinical and administrative operations
  • Continuous performance assessment and adjustment
  • Ongoing professional development

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Quality Improvement

Somnia is a patient-centric, quality-driven organization. Our quality department aligns with your quality leaders to ensure that we participate in and support your patient safety and quality initiatives.

And because we are also data-driven, we continuously collect and analyze relevant information and statistics to build dashboards that inform our decisions, ensure peak levels of performance, and enable efficient service delivery.

Our practice leaders and our clients are always aware of the KPIs we use to guide our performance and/or adjust our process.

To stay ahead of change, we continue developing new metrics and analyses that not only are customized to the needs and expectations of each client, but that are also aligned with new regulatory and payment requirements.

We hold the distinction of being the first anesthesia-only management company to be named a patient safety organization (PSO) by the AHRQ, and we’re proud of the fact that our healthcare staffing services are repeatedly certified by The Joint Commission. Both proof points that we provide services that enhance clinical quality and patient experiences.

Department Leadership

Effective onsite leadership is an essential ingredient of successful anesthesia departments. Selecting a right-fit seasoned chief of anesthesia with strong clinical leadership experience whose approach is collaborative and supportive is another.

Total Support

Onsite practice administrators work closely with Somnia’s executive leadership to provide administrative and clinical support, freeing clinicians to concentrate on their patients. At the same time, s/he liaises with your hospital staff to ensure integration and alignment of our goals and policies with yours. Additionally, a dedicated account manager will make periodic site visits to ensure operations are on track.

Some of what we do … 

  • Oversee anesthesia quality assurance, peer review and satisfaction programs
  • Provide stewardship of budget and resource allocation
  • Advocate for utilization optimization
  • Help manage the OR Board
  • Create efficient check-in and registration processes
  • Supervise pre-anesthesia testing centers
  • Establish acute-pain protocols
  • Actively participate in hospital committee meetings
  • Develop monitoring standards
  • Assist with the creation and implementation of sedation guidelines
  • Collaborate with nursing to develop patient education materials
Revenue Management

As a full-service anesthesia partner, our value extends beyond clinical excellence. We understand the driving factors behind subsidy payments. That’s why we use our business expertise to successfully control costs and to contract with and collect monies from third-party payers. Our knowledge also underlies our ability to manage claims, payment processing and financial reporting effectively.

Comprehensive Reporting Services

With reimbursements shrinking, clients understandably expect detailed and transparent financial reporting. That’s why we provide customized and robust reporting, including receivables by unit, by payer, by facility, by specialty, and by provider. Our systematic processes and experienced team enable us to realize a high net collection ratio from many third-party payers.

Recruitment & Credentialing

Recruiting and retaining the right anesthesia team poses a challenge to many hospitals. Thanks to an in-house recruiting team that brings some 20 years combined experience in anesthesia, we understand how to match the right clinicians to the right opportunity.

We listen to an applicant’s needs and requirements because we know that by doing so we can improve talent retention. And when building a new team, we collaborate with our client counterparts in an attempt to retain any anesthesiologists and CRNAs they want to keep.

FMV Compensation 

Compensation and benefits are often top on a candidate’s list, so we remain competitive. To that end, we use multiple sources to identify market rates, ensuring that clinicians are compensated fairly, and correctly.

Joint Commission Certified Process 

We continue to earn The Joint Commission’s (TJC) Gold Seal of Approval™, the staffing industry’s gold standard. That means our clients are assured that Somnia’s anesthesia providers are credentialed and fully competent to perform their jobs. More important, our compliance with TJC’s standards is intended to improve the quality of health care and increase patient safety.

Health care organizations that contract with Somnia Anesthesia can look to Joint Commission certification as an assurance that Somnia demonstrates a commitment to providing and continuously improving quality services, says Patrick Phelan, executive director, Health Care Staffing Services Certification, The Joint Commission.


Automation powers our Credentialing Department so we interface with payers and facilities efficiently, without relying on mounds of paper. Currently, we hold credentialing status with approximately 75 percent of the managed care organizations with which we now participate, making anesthesia department implementation and transition a quicker, less stressful process for all.

Working closely with hospital credentialing offices, we collect the requisite documentation prior to credentialing committee meetings. Somnia understands the exquisite stress that surgeons and facilities can face with change—regardless of the degree of preparation and actual preparedness. Close collaboration and communication between the hospital and our credentialing staff can help lessen this stress. Our credentialing staff and recruitment staff also monitor credential renewals, ensuring that anesthesia providers always hold current licenses.

Payer Contracting

Hospitals and patients are happy to learn that we strive to be on par with all major plans in the states in which we provide anesthesia services.

Our knowledgeable anesthesia management team is experienced in payer negotiating and strives to ensure that deductibles and copayment plans are optimized so patients are not being asked to pay more.

Better Rates. Higher Returns.

Our in-network philosophy and national footprint deliver the economies of scale that allow us to leverage our size to negotiate better rates. And because we are in-network with more than 95% of relevant payers, we are able to be innovative with payer-based pay-for-performance initiatives that bring higher returns.

Monitoring Payer Contracts

We do our homework, reviewing, revising and amending payer contracts. We monitor credentialing renewals, and we audit contracted versus actual payments. Our strict monitoring of payer contracting is a key element of our end-to-end revenue management.

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