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While hospitals discover and implement best practices to continue to produce efficient and cost-effective care, the debate over the merits of a blended care team model in anesthesia services has been well-publicized.

Specifically, the use of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) in the operating room has come under question.  Some believe that CRNAs are not equipped to handle anesthesia delivery for complex cases or believe patient safety is at risk under the care of a CRNA.  History, research and studies, as well as testimonials from anesthesiologists, supports the opinion that CRNAs are highly qualified and educated professionals who consistently deliver high-quality patient care within the scope of their practice.

This white paper provides an all-encompassing review of CRNAs role in anesthesia services, highlighting the history of the profession, the education, licensing, and experience requirements; and analyzes how and why hospitals choose a blended care team model and the potential benefits of doing so.

Download now to learn more about the role of the CRNA in the anesthesia care team model.

Somnia’s latest white paper explains the benefits of integrating CRNAs in the care team model.

“The analysis of the cost effectiveness of CRNAs suggests they provide an economic means to deliver quality anesthesia services.”

“Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Anesthesia Providers” in Nursing Economics

June 2010/Vol. 28/No. 3

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