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Recruitment & Credentialing

When a hospital chooses Somnia to provide its anesthesia services, one of our immediate priorities is to begin identifying anesthesia providers to work in the facility. We generally take a hybrid approach to building the new anesthesia team. We have often retained the pre-existing anesthesia clinicians but sometimes have had to recruit the entire anesthesia department. Somnia is committed to sourcing and hiring local clinicians whenever and wherever possible, and we offer them the support and tools they need to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare environment. As a result, we enjoy an unprecedented 98%+ clinician retention rate.

Although our anesthesia teams are locally based in your community, they benefit from the many resources we offer as a national anesthesia organization. Our compensation package is competitive. Our presence in a variety of markets and partnerships with different types of organizations offer diverse employment choices to our clinicians. Our chief medical officer’s hands-on management style and open-door communication policy mean that he’s always just an e-mail or phone call away. And our support for and belief in ongoing professional development ensures that our clinicians realize their potential and are fully up to date on current trends.

To us, having the right fit between clinician and facility is critical to the delivery of safe, efficient, high-quality anesthesia patient care. We view effective, comprehensive recruitment as key to identifying and retaining top-flight talent. Our dedicated in-house team of seasoned recruitment professionals has a step-by-step recruiting and onboarding process that ensures a smooth transition and results in a rewarding long-term relationship between our clinicians and your facility.

Our Process 

  • Identify local clinicians
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Appropriate Credentialing
  • Efficient Contracting
  • Comprehensive Orientation
  • Ongoing Communication and Professional Development


Somnia’s in-house Credentialing Department is supported by powerful software that provides an efficient, paperless interface between payers and facilities. Currently, we hold credentialing status with approximately 75 percent of the managed care organizations with which we now participate, making anesthesia department implementation and transition a quicker, less stressful process for all.

Working closely with hospital credentialing offices, we collect the requisite documentation prior to credentialing committee meetings. Somnia understands the exquisite stress that surgeons and facilities can face with change—regardless of the degree of preparation and actual preparedness. Close collaboration and communication between the hospital and our credentialing staff can help lessen this stress. Our credentialing staff and recruitment staff also monitor credential renewals, ensuring that anesthesia providers always hold current licenses. 


To discuss your current and future anesthesia needs with our experienced staff, please call us at 877-795-5788, or use our Request A Proposal form to tell us about your requirements.