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It is no secret that the operating room is usually the hospital’s largest revenue source. By proxy, the delivery of anesthesia services is a pillar of every facility’s success, not only financially but for patient satisfaction and quality outcomes. Suffice to say, changing anesthesia providers is a major undertaking that causes many administrators to hesitate to even initiate the process.

When the time does come for a facility to reevaluate its anesthesia needs, one of the best practices to employ is the request for proposal (RFP) process, according to a new resource document published by Somnia Anesthesia. As a way to pinpoint issues and identify potential solutions, the RFP process allows a facility to take a figurative step back and determine what is needed to achieve and maintain clinical and financial excellence.

The new Somnia publication is a how-to guide for hospitals exploring anesthesia options, providing suggestions in all areas to consider, including:

    • Recommended personnel for selection committee
    • Timing deadline models
    • Sample RFP questions
    • What to look for when evaluating proposals
    • Transition and implementation tips

For more details, download a free copy here.

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