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Changing anesthesia providers is challenging. It starts with recognizing the need for change and managing the process for best results.

Somnia developed tools to guide hospitals considering this type of change.

Free Webinar Presentation

The webinar, Best Practices for Anesthesia Onboarding and Change Management, offers a real-world guide through the change process.

Presented by a hospital’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Anesthesia, as well as Somnia’s Chief Medical Officer, viewers receive examples of best practices in not only managing the process, but ideas for improved performance.

The presentation explains the key role of a hospital’s anesthesia program and the essential traits in a partner. Viewers learn the questions to ask in evaluating its program and guidance in onboarding a new team to best manage the change. The webinar also offers a case study of one hospital’s recent experience. You can read their case study story here.

The presentation is available for free downloading here.

Free White Paper

The second tool Somnia created is the white paper, Best Practices for Anesthesia Onboarding and Change Management. The paper expands on the ideas presented in the webinar.

It describes the three phases for onboarding and change management. The white paper identifies five best practices for transition to a new anesthesia provider. It offers a roadmap of what to look for when hiring a new group and how to ensure a smooth and effective change.

The white paper is free for downloading here.

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