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Driving Value in Anesthesia Services

As hospitals see payment shifting from volume to value, their ability to provide high-quality care with efficiency is increasingly vital to financial performance and competitive advantage. One area where value-driving efforts can have significant impact is the anesthesia services, with ORs in many hospitals generating as much as 70% of all revenue.

This white paper explores the challenges management faces when attempting to provide value-drive quality anesthesia services. Difficulties in meeting the demand for experienced clinicians, and addressing an increased call for anesthesia services, coupled with a tightening payment environment all factor into placing a significant burden on organizations to demonstrate a true market value.

The reference tool is especially helpful for those administrators concerned with the financial aspects of optimizing their anesthesia services to add additional value to their organization. In reading this paper you will learn to recognize improvement opportunities and develop success strategies to better maximize your anesthesia services.

Download this paper to glean a clear understanding of how an efficient, well-managed anesthesia services can substantially enhance productivity of your OR and the inherent value of your organization.

Somnia provides you with a comprehensive examination of the challenges faced in proving cost-effective, high-quality anesthesia services as well as helpful hints on ways to improve your practice.

“I believe value-based contracting will become the norm. And that will put greater pressure on hospital executives, anesthesia professionals and surgeons to collaborate even more closely to improve patient experiences and outcomes.”

Maureen Martin, MD, FACS, FRCSC
Chief of surgery, Kern Medical Center, Bakersfield, CA

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