Anesthesia Resource: A Hospital’s Guide to Evaluating Anesthesia Services




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A Hospital’s Guide to Evaluating
Anesthesia Services

In the typical hospital, the operating room (OR) is the central hub, an area that accounts for approximately 70% of a facility’s revenue and has a profound impact on the quality and clinical standards that dictate today’s outcomes-based business model.

Because anesthesia is a critical component in the OR, it has a key role in defining a facility’s clinical and financial success. This is why hospital executives should regularly conduct an evaluation of their anesthesia services and determine if the current provider is a qualified partner that is fully committed to helping the facility achieve its goals.

This resource document provides hospital administration with a detailed, yet easy-to-understand guide to follow when evaluating the delivery of anesthesia services and identifies the four areas to consider – leadership, financial management, quality improvement, and clinical services.

Download now to learn how to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current anesthesia department.

To begin evaluating your current anesthesia group, click here to access Somnia’s new anesthesia evaluation tool app.

“A culture of performance improvement, accountability, and high-performance focus is critical to enhancing the organization’s ability to implement strategies successfully. The right culture will enable the transformation to the hospital and care system of the future.”

Hospitals and Care Systems of the Future, September 2011

American Hospital Association

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