Anesthesia Plays Key Role in Hospitals of the Future




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The shift from a volumes-based business model to one based on outcomes has anesthesia providers and hospitals speculating on the future.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) shares ideas for shaping the delivery of health care in its new report, Hospitals and Care Systems of the Future. The report offers recommendations on what AHA describes as “must-do” strategies, metrics for measuring success, and organizational core competencies with self-assessment questions.

Anesthesia’s Role

With the anesthesia professional as a key provider for managing a patient’s continuum of care in surgical, procedural and obstetrics areas, the decisions made by hospitals have a huge impact on the provider. There is a tremendous value in collaboration between the two.

The AHA report underscores that value with its number one “must-do” strategy of aligning hospitals and providers across the care continuum. Accountable Care Organizations reflect the type of “core organization” described in the AHA report that implement the “must do” strategies by achieving competencies in the delivery and management of health care.

Somnia is adapting to the future with the creation of the Accountable Anesthesia OrganizationSM (AAO). The AAO is a transparent, collaborative partner in the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective anesthesia care.

The AAO promotes excellence by focusing on five key areas:

  • Alignment with the structure of ACOs
  • Transparency
  • Resource utilization
  • Quality metrics
  • Cost containment
  • Patient experience

The AAO utilizes many of the same recommendations as those made in the AHA report.

With the challenges in today’s healthcare environment, collaboration is critical in delivering high quality, cost-effective care that builds a solid foundation for a future that focuses on improved outcomes.

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