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In a recent post at Becker’s ASC Review, the incoming president for the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), Jerry A. Cohen, MD, shared his point of view regarding challenges for the immediate future. Previously, Dr. Cohen served as ASA’s First Vice President and was on the Executive Committee and Administrative Council.

Dr. Cohen identified five key challenges.

  • The future of Medicare
  • Continued drug shortages
  • Scope of practice issues
  • The shift in payment models
  • The shortage of specialists

You can read the full discussion by Dr. Cohen here.

Engaging in Change

The uncertain outcome of healthcare reform adds to the supply and demand issues of delivering anesthesia. However, the critical role of the anesthesia provider in the continuum of patient care opens the door for providers who engage in the impending change process.

Somnia’s Quality Assurance Director, Hugh Morgan, explained, “Because anesthesia is involved in so many different areas of care, the impact of an anesthesia quality program on the hospital’s bottom line is significant. The department has much to offer towards the hospital’s success.”

Programs, like Medicare’s Values-Based Purchasing Program, where four out of the twelve Process of Care measures involve anesthesia underscore the value of a fully engaged team. It can mean the difference between success and failure in meeting performance goals.

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