WED, JUN 29, 2016

Anesthesia Monitoring Devices Market Worth $1.9 Billion USD by 2024, New Study Says.


According to a newly released report by Grand View Research, the anesthesia monitoring device market is going to see a huge upswing in the near future. In recent years the market relating to this subject has seen a plateau, however with the growing population of the geriatric community and their higher risks of developing chronic disorders, the market is expected to reach a value in the billions by 2024.

The steadily rising awareness of physicians that perform procedures involving anesthetics also greatly contributes to this market increase. Physicians are now becoming more specific in their choices of what anesthesia, monitoring device and dosage is used during their procedures in order to control patient outcome. The better the awareness of the physicians and products applied the less likely it is for anesthesia related complications to become a factor.

Growing innovation in anesthesia technology also contributes to this market reinvigoration. Anesthesia delivery and monitoring devices have seen an increase in portability, accuracy and affordability, allowing a larger amount of consumers in this market to acquire some of the most top of the line anesthesia based technology for bargain value. With the current state of rapid movement in medical technology, it is expected that progress in innovation will only continue to benefit the market in coming years.

With North America dominating the medical market in 2015 holding over 35% of the revenue share, it is expected that companies that fall under the related category will see a major resurgence in their invested market.

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