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MON, MAR 30, 2015

Transforming the Role of Anesthesiologist

One of the most positive effects of recent healthcare reform is the focus on patient-centered care and the integration of care among the variety of physicians, nurses, labs, pharmacists, and myriad other clinicians involved in a patient’s care. While almost all medical professionals can agree that greater communication among a... Read More

WED, MAR 18, 2015

2014 Anesthesia Labor Market Survey: Trends and Analysis

As the anesthesia profession faces physician shortages, sweeping changes in healthcare legislation, and a laser-like focus on cost control, it is paramount to understand those who make up the anesthesia workforce. Somnia’s recently-conducted anesthesia labor market survey, in collaboration with GasWork.com, sheds light regarding the years of experience, selected specialties,... Read More

WED, MAR 4, 2015

Can You Identify an Underperforming Anesthesia Team?

The fundamental challenge facing hospitals and surgery centers is the so-called “triple aim” of improving population health, providing a better patient experience, and lowering per capita cost of care. The anesthesia team’s involvement across the entire perioperative process, combined with the fact that surgical care is often a facility’s prime... Read More

FRI, FEB 20, 2015

Six Questions to Test Your Anesthesia Collaboration

Is anesthesia cost a concern? Are you getting the highest value from your anesthesia management leaders? OR nurse leaders and anesthesia leaders share the common goals of delivering high-quality anesthesia services to patients, running an efficient and productive OR to meet the needs of surgeons, and maximizing revenue while minimizing anesthesia... Read More

MON, FEB 2, 2015

How to Bend the Healthcare Cost Curve in Your Hospital’s Favor

Today’s mandate to healthcare providers: reduce spending while improving outcomes and value. Bringing down costs may be easy to accomplish in other industries, but when people’s lives are on the line, it’s quite a different matter. True, there are many ways to corral expenses in health care; however, identifying the... Read More

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