Bending the Anesthesia Cost Curve

Anesthesia is a major budget line item for any surgical facility. As patient populations and demand shift to ambulatory settings for more procedures, the number of uninsured grows, and reimbursements, driven by value and not volume shrink under MACRA the revenues and expenses tied to ORs will need to be carefully managed for success.

Financial stability will be a major factor in a hospital’s success and realizing how to tap into the value anesthesia departments should deliver will help in achieving sound finances. For example, reducing or eliminating subsidies is a goal smart anesthesia partners can realize for you. Typically, they can begin by matching the right staffing model with better OR utilization.

With quality now weighing more heavily on reimbursements under MACRA, it is imperative that the anesthesia team captures and reports the right data. That won’t be enough, however. Unless the metrics are used to improve efficiency and performance, neither the hospital nor the patient will benefit.

Having strong anesthesia leadership will ensure MACRA’s requirements are met and the goals of the hospital and the team are aligned and result in an enhanced clinical outcomes and improved patient experiences.

Learning how to bend the healthcare cost curve towards improved anesthesia value for your hospital should be hard. This infographic will get you started.

For additional information on the subject, read this white paper.

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