Having a well run anesthesia department ensures a well-run surgical department—the key revenue driver at any hospital.

To thrive in today’s unsettled, performance-based healthcare paradigm more hospitals and health systems are turning to trusted perioperative anesthesia practice management service providers like Somnia.
In addition to delivering a high level of clinical care, Somnia brings to bear the management and marketing expertise needed to expand the hospital’s patient base and assist its leaders in growing the business.
A Turnkey Solution That Works
Our turnkey service offers a seamless transition to an efficient staff, improved coverage, superior collection ratios, and a reduction or total elimination of financial support provided by the facility.  From billing and payer contracting to recruiting, credentialing and other key services, Somnia’s highly collaborative team builds a high-performing operating room anesthesia department that is aligned with the hospital’s goals. 
Derive Maximum Value from Your OR
Engaging in a perioperative anesthesia services partnership with the clinical and operational experts at Somnia will help reduce expenses and subsidy, enhance revenue streams and improve quality which, together, will optimize the value of your OR.
Partner With Somnia…

  • Eliminate or reduce your anesthesia subsidy
  • Benefit from market-leading Clinical Quality and Patient Safety programs
  • Create streamlined, efficient pre-op processes that prevent last minute cancellations
  • Effective clinical and administrative leadership
  • Heighten surgeon satisfaction and trust
  • Improve scheduling and enhance OR, Labor & Delivery, HOPD and ASC coverage

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