Somnia Announces Winners of the Seventh Annual Anesthesiologist of the Year and Second Annual Anesthesia Resident of the Year Awards

Somnia Anesthesia, a national anesthesia practice management and perioperative services company, is pleased to announce the winners of two of its annual awards. Anesthesiologists, CRNAs and healthcare executives across the country submitted nominations in March, with the names of the winners being released today. Frank Schramm, MD, chief of the anesthesia department at Providence Regional Medical Center, Washington State received the Anesthesiologist of the Year Award and Caitlin Cammarano, MD, anesthesia resident at Kaweah Delta Health Care District, California received the Anesthesia Resident of the Year Award.

The awards, established by the company to celebrate National Doctors’ Day, honor the dedication and hard work of anesthesiologists who provide safe, high-quality and compassionate care, career advocacy and clinical excellence. Dr. Schramm was nominated for his outstanding clinical and leadership skills and for the intelligence, compassion and support he brings to his colleagues and patients every day. His coworkers describe Dr. Schramm as a good communicator who stays current with clinical advancements in his field.

Dr. Cammarano was nominated for being a model anesthesia clinician and someone with whom it is a pleasure to work. Her colleagues noted she always seeks feedback on her performance and strives to improve with every case.

Both awards symbolize the dedication and devotion of anesthesia clinicians everywhere who work tirelessly to achieve best-in-class patient care. These awards recognize anesthesia professionals who exhibit an honest commitment to personal and professional growth throughout their careers.

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