Somnia Announces Winner of 2021 CRNA of the Year Award Clinician from Kaiser Permanente Fontana

HARRISON, NY – Somnia Anesthesia, an anesthesia practice management and perioperative medicine company serving hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based facilities nationwide, announced the winner of the 2021 CRNA of the Year Award: Lisa Moore, CRNA, Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center.The award was established in support of CRNA week.

Ms. Moore was nominated by her colleagues for being a COVID-19/airway champion. In the beginning of the pandemic, she volunteered her time and skills and trained the anesthesia department, preop, post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and anystaff who wanted on the proper use of the PAPR/CPAR, both advanced respiratory protection equipment systems that safeguard against aerosolized and airborne particulates.She made herself available throughout the year to other members of the staff who wanted to receive training. According to one of her colleagues, she worked tirelessly and thought of as an amazing and exceptional CRNA.

“I am truly honored to be nominated and win this award. I started on the route of helping train my colleagues during the pandemic to make everyone feel safe and less fearful of the unknown. I felt that if I could make my colleagues feel comfortable donning and doffing PPE, including CAPRs, that they would feel comfortable going in to intubate COVID patients or providing anesthesia in the OR,” said Lisa. “It then evolved to helping other departments because they were worried for their safety as well. Being a CRNA during this pandemic was incredibly rewarding, but incredibly hard. Watching patients deteriorate in front of our eyes, code, or need emergent intubation was something I had never seen. I am truly amazed that my colleagues and I were able to step up to the challenge and need to help in this critical time and with the critical patients. I am proud to be a CRNA.”

The annual award recognizes the dedication of anesthesia clinicians who work to achieve best-in-class patient care and who demonstrate an honest commitment to personal and professional growth and improvement.


About Somnia Anesthesia
Somnia Anesthesia is a leading national anesthesia practice management company, serving healthcare facilities throughout the country. Owned and operated by anesthesiologists since 1996, Somnia provides a comprehensive and customized anesthesia services solution to each client. An extensive in-house infrastructure and single-minded focus on anesthesiology enable Somnia to assemble and manage local anesthesia teams that consistently perform at peak levels, deliver high-quality patient care, enhance operating room efficiency, and achieve surgeon and patient satisfaction.

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