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Delivery of Anesthesia in America’s Hospitals:  Understanding the Anesthesia Subsidy

Most hospitals recognize the need to subsidize anesthesia. However, as leaders focus on controlling the subsidy, they can often exacerbate their institution’s overall financial problems.

This white paper explores the history of the subsidy and issues germane to hospitals struggling to control them. While market conditions may not drive subsidies down, or cause them to disappear entirely, understanding their etiology may provide facilities a lens through which to view them and offer perspective.

The reference tool is especially valuable for those concerned with the financial aspects of the OR and anesthesia’s role in affecting and optimizing the OR. Learn about best practices that include clinical and administrative protocols that help to manage overall costs, maximize revenue and minimize subsidy.

Download this paper to glean a clear understanding of the subsidy and the management techniques that ensure a facility is getting the most value per dollar spent.

Delivery of Anesthesia in America’s Hospitals: Understanding the Anesthesia Subsidy

Somnia provides you with a comprehensive examination of anesthesia subsidies and how providers can best cope with and factor them into their budgetary plans for the future.

A 2006 study conducted by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) revealed that 70% of hospitals polled were faced with subsidy issues.

2006 MGMA Cost Survey for Anesthesia Practices

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