Summertime … the reading should be easy

Yes, it should be easy reading during summer. However, in many industries in which disruption is the norm, data, huge data, is making that harder. That’s especially true in healthcare. With the onslaught of CMS changes, it’s almost impossible to find they type of information providers need to inform certain decisions, or, at the very least, to provide confidence that the decisions that are made, are the right ones.

This “In Case You Missed It” share might very well have flown into people’s Inboxes and moved quickly to the bottom of the pile, so it was easily skipped over. For those who simply cannot, for various reasons, unplug while on vacation, we thought we would provide a link to the American Hospital Association’s The 2018 Environmental Scan, an informative visual representation (infographic) of the healthcare environment in 2018. (Copyright © B.E. Smith)

It includes statistics on access, labor shortages, costs, affordability, CMS payments, value, innovation, partners and more (one ad) in a concise way. While it may not make for the greatest après beach conversation, it is worth a look. We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Happy reading. →→→

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