Seventy percent of U.S. Hospitals and Health Systems Will Embrace Cloud-Based Supply Tech by 2026




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According to a recent Global Exchange (GSX) survey, nearly 70% of hospitals will be using cloud technology to support supply chain management by 2026. While cloud-based technology has been used by hospitals for years for data management and cyber security according to the survey, the adoption of cloud-based technology for supply chain management represents substantial growth.

According to the survey taken by the GHX of 103 Hospitals, 45% are already employing cloud technology in supply chain management. And 24% of these hospitals say they are aiming to in 2 years.

The introduction of these kinds of technologies brings interesting opportunities for hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), as they look for ways to organize and manage their electronic health records more efficiently while keeping their data safe. These new technologies can help hospitals improve other decisions like managing staffing more efficiently and utilizing hospital services better. In addition, they can help ASCs create more efficiencies by managing patients throughout and working smoothly with all providers.

Leveraging cloud technology for supply chain management can also provide benefits to ASCs as they organize and plan their scheduling, payer contracting, revenue cycle management and aim to improve their clinical quality. For hospitals these efficiencies can help provide them with the data they need to tackle bigger challenges like revenue management, recruitment and credentialing and improving payer contracting. As this trend continues to grow, we’ll be keeping our eye out for more feedback and input from ASCs and hospitals.

What do you think about this new switch to cloud-based technology in supply chain management?

7 in 10 hospitals embracing cloud-based supply tech:

Nearly 70% of U.S. Hospitals and Health Systems to Adopt Cloud-Based Approach to Supply Chain Management by 2026:

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