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Anyone with a smartphone can tell you the thousands – literally – of apps available that range in usefulness from very helpful to downright gratuitous. In the ever-expanding digital tsotchke landscape that is an app store, you’d be hard-pressed to find a program hospital administrators would find useful enough to gauge performance of their anesthesia group. 

Until now.

That’s because Somnia has introduced the first-ever web-based app for anesthesia evaluation. The tools provides hospital executives with a comprehensive, confidential method in measuring the effectiveness of their anesthesia group in four critical areas – leadership, financial management, quality improvement, and clinical services. Five survey-style questions are devoted to each area (for a total of 20) and upon completion, a recommendation of next steps is offered based upon the final score.

All told, the application’s benefits are innumerable. Start to finish, the evaluation takes no longer than 20 minutes, suitable for time-strapped executives who require an understanding of their anesthesia’s group performance in a timely fashion. And because no one is on the premises to perform the review, the app removes the awkward discomfort that a current group would have if a consultant was judging their performance. Finally, the evaluation app is free, a much more cost-effective offer than an on-site evaluation which runs several thousand dollars.

Highlighting the app’s features in a recent YouTube video, Somnia’s CEO Marc Koch, MD, MBA said, “It’s done confidentially. It’s not a big production. We’re not alienating the current group, and we’re also not creating any discord. It allows hospitals to really get a sense of how their anesthesia group is impacting overall hospital performance.”

To evaluate your current anesthesia department, access www.somniaevaluation.com using your mobile device to begin the process.

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