Best of Breed Anesthesia: Borrowing from IT Success




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Faced with decision of choosing a single-specialty anesthesia provider or an organization that bundles clinical services, hospitals tend to select the option that is perceived to be the most cost-effective – the bundled services provider. Without full transparency, a multi-specialty company provides economy of scale benefits that are enticing for key decision-makers. The appearance of cost-savings is convincing enough to choose the best-priced provider – the multi-specialty company – with little consideration to other areas of operational importance.

But when digging below the surface, it’s evident that the bundled services company lacks in critical areas that a single-specialty provider achieves in its focus area, namely an expertise and flexibility that can’t be found in a multi-specialty group.  For instance, an anesthesia-only management group is able to focus solely on anesthesia-related issues and has the experience and knowledge to improve performance, clinical outcomes, and optimize financials.

Download the first edition of Somnia’s “Anesthesia Perspectives” to discover the benefits in choosing a best-of-breed anesthesia provider and why the perceived advantages of bundled services provider are misleading.

Anesthesia Perspectives communicates the differences between a single-specialty anesthesia provider and a multi-specialty organization.

Vendor expertise is key, regardless of the service that is considered for outsourcing.

“Healthcare Outsourcing 2012: Trends in Patient Care and Information Technology Services”

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