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In an effort to effectively report and improve patient care, the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) has implemented the first nationwide methodology designed to track and secure information pertaining to unforeseen events caused by anesthesia, pain management, and perioperative care.

The Anesthesia Incident Reporting System (AIRS) will provide an outlet for providers to report unexpected reactions to anesthesia or pain management issues. The purpose of the new system is twofold: to serve as an educational tool for better understanding of best practices and as a way to monitor patient safety.

With the emergence of Value-Based Purchasing programs that place a major emphasis on quality of care and patient satisfaction, the data provided by AIRS will be an important resource for anesthesia providers.

“As hospitals begin to adapt to an outcomes-based model, both quality and patient satisfaction are more important than ever,” says Hugh Morgan, Somnia Anesthesia’s director of quality assurance. “Anesthesia’s role in a hospital’s operating room cannot be understated, and with a resource like AIRS at their disposal, anesthesiology professionals will be well-positioned to help strengthen hospital’s clinical and financial success.”

In July, Somnia announced a partnership with the AQI, becoming the first national anesthesia management company to work alongside the organization on improving the quality of anesthesia care.

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