Anesthesia Subsidy: Unraveling the Web of Doubt




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For many hospital administrators, the anesthesia subsidy has evolved into a web of uncertainty that is highly dependent for the sustainability of anesthesia department. While general consensus is that the best scenario is to eliminate the anesthesia subsidy, the truth is that a prevalent lack of understanding of what it encompasses is the biggest issue.

Several factors contribute to the confusion of what an anesthesia subsidy actually provides, notably complex billing and reimbursement and lack of transparency given to the hospital by the anesthesia group. By obtaining a strong foundation of fluency in these two areas, hospital executives will then understand what the anesthesia subsidy is, and more importantly, the value it should provide to their facility.

Somnia’s latest Anesthesia Perspectives, “Anesthesia Subsidy: Unraveling the Web of Doubt,” delves into this topic in greater detail and provides greater transparency of the anesthesia subsidy.  It uncovers questions like:

  • “What’s actually included in the anesthesia subsidy?”
  • “What’s the value it should provide to my hospital?”
  • “What should I demand from my anesthesia provider?”

Download this paper to understand what you should be receiving from your anesthesia team.
Download this new edition of Anesthesia Perspectives to debunk the myths of the anesthesia subsidy.

  • Average subsidy amount $2.3 million paid annually
  • $122,000 average anesthesia subsidy per staffed location

MGMA Anesthesia Cost Survey 2011

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