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Trying to predict what the future holds for anesthesia is not a new endeavor. What is new is the introduction of health reform legislation.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act) put a spotlight on the changing times for healthcare providers with provisions for the delivery and compensation of health care that create more questions than answers. Supply and demand issues, coupled with health reform legislation, have experts predicting considerable changes in the delivery of anesthesia services.

Focus on Quality

In a recent post at Becker’s ASC Review, Somnia Anesthesia’s Quality Assurance Officer, Hugh Morgan, was one of five experts asked for predictions on how anesthesia will change in the future. Mr. Morgan identified the increasing focus on quality. As an example, a pilot program initiated from the Affordable Care Act establishes an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), known as the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

ACOs focus on high quality health care, while providing health care at the best possible cost. With the influence of anesthesia in so many different care areas throughout an acute or ambulatory care facility, its involvement in an ACO is critical. The need for transparency and collaboration in the delivery of anesthesia services is greater than ever to meet changing quality measurement and reporting requirements.

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