Anesthesia Does Not Have to Be a Black Box




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Anesthesia Does Not Have to be a Black Box

Hospital executives often view anesthesia services as a black box. There is little, if any, transparency surrounding these services, and management of anesthesia services can be complicated and confusing.

This resource material discusses how partnering with an anesthesia management company helps to clarify the mystery surrounding the provision of anesthesia services. Read how an effective management company can offer transparency and align goals with the hospital’s needs – inside and outside the OR.

Download this resource to gain a clear understanding of how creating a transparent environment surrounding your anesthesia services will increase productivity and ultimately increase your facility’s profitability.

Somnia provides you with a powerful resource on how to demystify and enhance anesthesia services conducted at your facility.

“At a minimum, hospitals and ASCs must conduct an annual review of the CMS Conditions of Participation, Interpretive Guidelines for Anesthesia.”

Hugh Morgan, Quality Assurance Officer Somnia Anesthesia

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