2014 Anesthesia Labor Market Survey: Trends and Analysis




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As the anesthesia profession faces physician shortages, sweeping changes in healthcare legislation, and a laser-like focus on cost control, it is paramount to understand those who make up the anesthesia workforce. Somnia’s recently-conducted anesthesia labor market survey, in collaboration with GasWork.com, sheds light regarding the years of experience, selected specialties, and practice location preferences of anesthesia professionals across the United States.

The survey, conducted in the second half of 2014, drew responses from a broad range of professional titles. Almost 50% of respondents were CRNAs, with nearly 40% anesthesiologists. The balance consisted of AAs, recruiters, and “other” (including students, practice managers, consultants, and certified anesthesia technicians).

The survey sheds light on the experience levels, regional licensure and practice locations, and even the top three states in which anesthesia professionals would choose to work (here’s a tip: pack your sunscreen).

After reading the report, it confirmed what I have witnessed firsthand in the industry regarding regional differences within most desirable locations, how variations in supervision responsibilities affect the workforce, and how the ongoing shortage of anesthesia clinicians affects practice models in both urban and rural areas across the country. This is definitely a must read for any anesthesia professional!

When I first began recruiting anesthesia providers 13 years ago, one of the first candidates I spoke with said, “If I had a dollar for every time a recruiter called me, I could pay off medical school in a month.” Last week a new graduate said the exact same thing when she answered my call. The CRNA and anesthesiologist shortage is a reality. This is certainly an interesting age in healthcare, and how you choose to view these unique challenges depends on the information you have at hand and how you use it.

Somnia Anesthesia remains committed to supporting our partner facilities’ business objectives and our clinicians’ career goals. To read the 2014 Anesthesia Labor Market Survey in its entirety, download it from the Somnia careers website. To learn more about a career with Somnia, visit our careers site at somnia.s7.devpreviewr.com/careers-category/anesthesiologists-jobs/.

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Director of National Recruitment
Somnia Anesthesia
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