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Listen to Somnia’s syndicated GASTALK podcasts for useful information on the business and clinical aspects related to outsourced anesthesia services and practice management.

podcast-logo-thumb-website-(1).pngEpisode 4: If clinical directors walked through their ORs during cases and observed the flow rates of the oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air running through the anesthesia machines they might be surprised at what they find. In this episode, Dr. Clifford Gevirtz discusses the benefits of using low and minimal flow anesthesia: Improved Clinical Outcomes, a Greener OR Environment, and Lower Costs. Listen now playnow-podcast-image-(3).png

podcast-logo-thumb-website-(1).pngEpisode 3: CMS reimbursements to gastroenterologists for colonoscopies they perform are lower. Veteran anesthesiologist, Dr. Clifford Gevirtz explains to GasTalk how anesthesiologists can help GI doctors mitigate revenue erosion under MACRA without compromising quality and safety. How Anesthesiologists Can Help GI Practices Mitigate Impact of Lower Payments Under MACRA Listen now playnow-podcast-image-(3).png

podcast-logo-thumb-website-(1).pngEpisode 2: A brief discussion of how surgical and OB anesthesia patient satisfaction is measured in the new CMS reimbursement environment that ties that metric to payments. Measuring Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Listen now playnow-podcast-image-(3).png

podcast-logo-thumb-website-(1).pngPremiere edition! A behind-the-scenes look at anesthesia services in office-based settings. Hear experts walk you through how Somnia prepares medical offices for the anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists who will deliver anesthetics in those offices. Anesthesia in the Office-Based Setting  Listen now playnow-podcast-image-(3).png