The 2023 Anesthesia Labor Market: Practice Information and Preferences Revealed

HARRISON, NYSomnia Anesthesia, a leading national anesthesia practice management firm, is pleased to announce the release of its latest findings from the annual survey conducted among anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) across the United States. Now in its tenth year, this comprehensive report offers crucial data on clinician preferences regarding practice models, geographic preferences, and compensation trends.

Titled The 2023 Anesthesia Labor Market: New Practice Information and Preferences, the report delves into various aspects including workstyle preferences, practice specializations, and regional variations in the market. These insights play a pivotal role in shaping career decisions, job searches, and strategic planning for both individual practitioners and healthcare executives. Tina Bruno, Associate Vice President of Provider Recruitment at Somnia Anesthesia, emphasized the significance of this data, stating, “The information provided in our latest study is indispensable for optimizing anesthesia provider recruitment and retention strategies. It not only aids anesthesiologists and CRNAs in navigating career transitions but also assists healthcare executives in refining operational and budgetary plans.”

The report serves as a valuable resource for healthcare executives grappling with the complexities of regulatory changes and striving to deliver quality care amidst evolving payment models. By leveraging up-to-date market insights derived from surveys like this, administrative decisions can be more informed, thus positively impacting healthcare service delivery and associated costs within the context of today’s value-based care landscape. Download The 2023 Anesthesia Labor Market: New Practice Information and Preferences on Somnia’s website here. For more information about Somnia, Inc., visit

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Somnia Anesthesia is a leading national anesthesia practice management company, serving healthcare facilities throughout the country. Owned and operated by anesthesiologists since 1996, Somnia provides a comprehensive and customized anesthesia services solution to each client. An extensive in-house infrastructure and single-minded focus on anesthesiology enable Somnia to assemble and manage local anesthesia teams that consistently perform at peak levels, deliver high-quality patient care, enhance operating room efficiency, and achieve surgeon and patient satisfaction. For more information visit,

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