Somnia Anesthesia Helps Identify Underperforming Anesthesia Teams

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (March 16, 2015) – Somnia Anesthesia, a national anesthesia practice management company, has just published a helpful resource identifying the signs of an underperforming anesthesia team.

This new white paper illustrates the common shortfalls of an anesthesia team whose goals are not aligned with those of their facility. The paper addresses the paradox that exists in some hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities in which the anesthesia team has provided exceptional clinical services to patients, but has failed to achieve satisfaction among physicians, nurses, or patients, or has been unable to meet the facilities’ financial goals.

According to Dr. Marc Koch, Somnia CEO, “The fundamental challenge facing hospitals and surgery centers is the so-called ‘triple aim’ of improving population health, providing a better patient experience, and lowering per capita cost of care. The anesthesia team’s involvement throughout the entire perioperative process, combined with the fact that surgical care is often a facility’s prime revenue center, provides anesthesiologists and CRNAs with an opportunity to have a significant effect on productivity and profitability of a surgical facility.”

The best anesthesia management companies provide effective and supportive leadership. They understand the clinical, operational and financial aspects of delivering anesthesia services and will support a facility’s objectives of improving the quality of care, managing costs, and increasing stakeholder satisfaction, thus maximizing revenue and profitability. By working with the appropriate management company, a facility can benefit from a partnership that fosters the alignment of strategic goals.

You can download the paper, “Five Warning Signs of an Underperforming Anesthesia Team,” from the Somnia Anesthesia website.

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Somnia Anesthesia optimizes anesthesia services for healthcare facilities throughout the country by combining clinical excellence with unparalleled management acumen. Owned and operated by anesthesiologists since 1996, Somnia provides a turnkey, solutions-based approach to anesthesia management. With an extensive in-house infrastructure and a single-minded focus on anesthesiology, Somnia builds and manages local anesthesia teams that consistently deliver the highest quality patient care, enhance operating room performance, increase revenues, and achieve full surgeon and patient satisfaction. For more information, visit

Laura Herrera
Vice President, Marketing

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