Somnia Anesthesia Dispels Common Myths of Managed Service Organizations

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (October 10, 2014) – Somnia Anesthesia, a national anesthesia practice management company, has just published an informative resource on the three most common myths circulating about Managed Service Organizations (MSOs).

This new slidedoc offers a fresh perspective on how anesthesia MSOs operate and gives readers the information they will need to make objective evaluations of the stereotypes circulating about MSOs and possible solutions when considering a change in anesthesia providers.

“Misconceptions result from bad experiences or the fear of change. If unchecked, those misconceptions, or myths, grow and spread among clinicians. Separating fact from fiction requires exposing myths and demonstrating how hospitals and clinicians can both benefit from the right MSO,” says Hugh Morgan, Somnia Anesthesia’s Vice President of Quality Assurance.

“Significant differences exist between anesthesia MSOs, just as they do among hospitals, ASCs, and healthcare systems. No organization or business partnership will be a perfect fit for all situations. However, when there is an alignment of goals and a commitment to achieving clinical, operational and financial success, the partnership will thrive from its collective strength.”

You can download the “Anesthesia Management: Exposing Three Managed Service Organization Myths,” from the Somnia Anesthesia website.

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