Somnia Anesthesia Recognizes 2020 Physician Anesthesiologist Week

Somnia Anesthesia, a national anesthesia practice management and perioperative medicine company, is proud once again to join the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ (ASA) celebration of the Physician Anesthesiologist Week, from January 26 to February 1.

Each year, the ASA takes the opportunity to commemorate anesthesiologists through this week-long program that aims to generate broad awareness of the critical, life-saving care physician anesthesiologists provide to patients in every clinical setting in which anesthesia is delivered.

Somnia stands in unity with the ASA in honoring physician anesthesiologists, especially those who are part of the company’s national network, specially thanking them for the wisdom, collaborative spirit and unparalleled care they deliver to thousands of people nationwide. Somnia also commends these innovative doctors for bringing their skills and dedication to safe, high-quality care the practices that Somnia manages rely on to succeed.

“The hard work and sacrifice of anesthesiologists can at times go unnoticed,” said Robert C. Goldstein, MD, Somnia’s co-founder, Executive VP and CMO. “As a physician and a patient, I know well the importance of my colleagues’ work. This week, especially, I want to acknowledge their commitment and contribution to patient safety by offering my personal thanks and gratitude.”

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About Somnia Anesthesia
Somnia Anesthesia is a national privately held anesthesia-only practice management company established in 1996 and headquartered in Harrison, NY. Our singular focus is on building and managing local anesthesia teams that consistently deliver the highest-quality patient care, enhance operating room performance, increase revenues, and achieve full surgeon and patient satisfaction. For more information visit


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