Practice Administrator

St. Mary’s Medical Center, Long Beach, CA

Somnia is seeking an experienced practice administrator to manage the Anesthesia Department at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach, CA. Reporting to Somnia’s Vice President of Operations, the administrator will oversee administrative assistants, manage the orientation, non-clinical operations training, credentialing and scheduling of clinical staff; perform quality assurance audits and oversee anesthesia chart documentation and submission process.


  • Ensure that anesthesiologists are following anesthesia department and hospital policies and procedures
  • Schedule orientation and manage credentialing, certification, training and other items to maintain Somnia and hospital privileges
  • MD scheduling and audits of schedules to ensure parity
  • Serve as Somnia liaison to the hospital’s executive team, surgical and nursing staff and serve on hospital committees as required
  • Work closely with Chief of Anesthesia to manage daily OR assignments , call schedules and related matters.
  • Ensure proper documentation, reconciliation and processing of anesthesia records on a daily basis
  • Personally perform the daily chart processing if necessary to serve as back-up and oversite
  • Manage the anesthesia Quality Assurance Program, ensuring appropriate and timely reporting, collection and review of incidents and other quality data to help achieve desired quality measures
  • Provide recommendations for improvement
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