Chief CRNA — Needed for the OB Section at St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

St. Joseph’s Medical Center; CA
The Opportunity
Section Chief  of OB CRNA at St. Josephs Medical Center, fully accredited, regional hospital with 337 beds. St. Joseph’s Medical Center is the largest hospital and private employer in Stockton. St. Joseph’s has continuously received the honor of “most preferred hospital” by consumers in the area. St Joseph’s is made up of 2,300 employees, with a physician staff of over 600. There are approximately 2,400 OB cases a year. There are about 850 C-sections and 1,550 epidurals.

Position Requirements

  • CA license
  • NBCRNA Certification
  • OB Fellowship

A comprehensive benefits package is available.

General Duties:
1.1 Assist in development, review, assessment, edit and implementation of anesthesia policies, procedures and protocols
1.2 Assist with the development of standard operating procedures for all aspects of CRNA care at St. Joseph’s Medical Center
1.3 Develop weekly schedule for CRNAs in consultation with Somnia personnel
1.4 Participate in any and all committees or boards that may directly or indirectly impact clinical care
1.5 Medical Advisory Board
1.6 Quality Assurance Committee
1.7 Peer Review Committee
1.8 Credentialing/Privileging Committee
1.9 Represent St. Joseph’s Medical Center at community, political and social events or other marketing activities as appropriate
1.10 Assist with, and serve as a resource for, St. Joseph’s Medical Center when dealing with healthcare and state regulators
1.11 Provide input and advice regarding anesthesia equipment, supply or other logistical issues
1.12 Participate in the recruitment and selection of new CRNAs
1.13 Clinical leadership
1.14 CRNA personnel management
1.15 Management of CRNA work schedule
1.16 Oversight of CRNA student rotation in OB
1.17 Oversight of CRNA participation in high-risk OB conference and update Anesthesia Department
1.18 Participate in Interdisciplinary Practice Committee (credentialing of all mid-levels)
1.19 Support Anesthesia Chief in review of QA cases/incidents, especially OB-related
1.20 Support Anesthesia Chief in OPPE process, especially for CRNA’s
1.21 Support Anesthesia Chief in preparation/presentation of quarterly and annual reports to St. Joseph’s Medical Center
1.22 Process improvement projects
2. Facilitation Duties:
2.1 Implement and supervise preoperative patient workup/clearance requirements
2.2 Manage and lead staff CRNA assigned to specific operating rooms
2.3 Provide acute pain management services
2.4 Support and assist the General Nursing Department in achieving their clinical and administrative goals
2.5 Coordinates OR activity along with the OR Nurse Manager to create an efficient patient flow

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