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Job Search & Interviews

Preparation for your job search will make the process easier and more efficient, and will lay a solid foundation for your anesthesia career. Your job search should begin before you complete your residency or graduate nurse anesthesia program – ideally six to twelve months before graduation.

Key phases of the job search process include:

  • Understanding your preferences and researching your employment options, including practice setting
  • Organizing your supporting documents, including CV and credentials
  • Identifying professional references
  • Researching opportunities and potential employers as well as market compensation data

Our resource guide, A New Graduate's Guide to Anesthesia Careers, was prepared by Somnia’s recruiters especially for new anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists.

Interviewing for Success

An interview is one of the best opportunities to discover if a practice opportunity is a good match for your skills and preferences. It is your chance to convey your interest and enthusiasm for the position and why you are a good fit. At the same time, you should ask thoughtful questions that show your commitment to the anesthesia team’s success and help you assess whether the opportunity is right for you. Read our "10 Tips for a Great Interview" for more interview best practices and how to prepare.