What Makes Anesthesiologists Tick

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) reports that finding the right talent is a top concern for CEOs, while the Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report identified employee retention and engagement the top concern for 78 percent of today’s business leaders. In fact, PwC also reports that most chief executives—93%—realize they need to adjust their recruitment and retention strategies and of those, more than 61% don’t know where to begin. All numbers that do not inspire confidence.

Recruiting and retention are expensive– in any industry. Today’s tight labor market, low employee-employer loyalty, and a growing emphasis on having a work-life balance are adding pressure on recruiters and companies in an already stressed situation.  To be sure, employers really must fulfill their employees’ needs. There’s no better investment an organization can make than in the staff who keep it running and thriving.


In healthcare, where clinical job stress runs high, hiring and retaining the right clinicians is even more critical. An article in Outpatient Surgery offered insights into how to retain anesthesiology provides. Simply put, it boils down to knowing what makes them tick. Our latest infographic provides a quick read of the motivators that provide them fulfillment on the job.

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