Value: Trending in Healthcare [Infographic]

Think about it, what consumer or what business isn’t focused on gaining or delivering value these days? Value isn’t only trending in healthcare today, it’s reshaping that industry for both providers and payers.
According to PwC, renown consulting powerhouse, healthcare organizations will make the shift to the new value culture in three ways: “they will adapt, they will innovate and they will build new programs and approaches to their work.”

Delivering higher quality care at lower cost is key not only to deriving value in healthcare, but also to optimizing reimbursements. Considering the complexity of the industry and the many variables involved in the care continuum, creating partnerships with technology and other companies that can help providers innovate and design and implement new processes and systems will be necessary.

At the same time, taking a hard look at the specialties impacting bottom lines will be equally important. As an integral part of hospital, surgery center, and office-based practices major revenue streams, anesthesiology is one specialty that will be part of any value equation.

Get started on building value-based anesthesia services model. Read our latest infographic, Bending The Healthcare Cost Curve Towards Improved Anesthesia Value.

Source: PwC (2016). “Top health industry issues of 2017: A year of uncertainty and opportunity.”
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