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TUE, JUL 10, 2018

Collaboration: The Key to Better …, Especially Healthcare

In any business and with any team, collaboration is the key to a lot of things. It engenders all-around  excellence. If teams don’t collaborate, performance will be poor, productivity will likely be low, and profitability may head south. That’s all especially true of healthcare, at a time when providers and... Read More

THU, JAN 24, 2013

Catching up with Holly Robins – 2012 CRNA of the Year

In celebration of Nurse Anesthetists Week, Somnia Anesthesia has once again launched its CRNA of the Year contest. CRNAs can be nominated at www.somniainc.com/2013CRNA  by a fellow CRNA, physician, or other healthcare professional. The winner, who will be selected by a panel of senior-level healthcare clinicians and administrators, will be... Read More

FRI, NOV 16, 2012

New Ruling Allows 100% Medicare Reimbursement for CRNAs Treating Pain Management Patients

Debates concerning the scope of practice of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) have been prevalent in the anesthesia services industry for years.  The stance on both sides of the aisle has, not surprisingly, been historically dictated by the perceived benefits or consequences from proposed laws.  On one side are those... Read More

WED, JAN 18, 2012

Benefits of CRNAs and Anesthesia Care Team Model

Exceptional quality in the delivery of anesthesia in the OR is as vital to a hospital’s clinical and financial success as virtually any other component of a facility’s day-to-day operations. That is about as unquestionable and iron-clad of a statement as you can make in the healthcare industry. The debate,... Read More

WED, AUG 3, 2011

Somnia Members to Attend Upcoming ANNA Meeting in Boston

The 78th annual meeting of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) takes place in Boston, Massachusetts on August 6, 2011 through August 10, 2011. The annual meeting celebrates the AANA's 80th anniversary with educational workshops and networking opportunities for all attendees. Workshops and lectures include information on pain management, the business side of... Read More