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TUE, OCT 18, 2016

MACRA: January 2017 Is Just Around the Corner

Consumers of most products and services are looking for value (quality at low costs) and positive customer experiences. In response, businesses in every sector need to deliver both to be success and to remain competitive. Healthcare is no different. With a go-live date of January 2017, the Medicare Access and CHIP... Read More

TUE, OCT 11, 2016

ASCs Can Thrive in a Value-Based World

Healthcare facilities and practices of all types are trying to find their way in a value-based environment. Businesses in every vertical have been attempting to master that model for a few years now as Google and e-commerce have enabled consumers to drive the bus.    In case you missed it, Becker’s ASCReview.com... Read More

MON, OCT 3, 2016

A difference of opinion: PTs weigh-in on peripheral nerve blocks

It seems some physical therapists (PTs) and some anesthesiologists hold different opinions about pain medicine, particularly its effect on PTs' ability to rehab patients following total knee and total hip replacement surgeries. The difference caught the attention of Steven Porter, MD, an assistant professor of anesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic,... Read More

THU, SEP 22, 2016

Need for More Perioperative Data. We Agree.

Data, it’s getting bigger and bigger and driving businesses and service providers in every vertical. When done right, the collection, analysis and use of information generates efficiencies, lowers costs, improves performance and service delivery, and results in happy clients and customers. In healthcare, it can also result in healthier populations... Read More

THU, SEP 15, 2016

September, Discussions About Back-to-School and mTBIs in Sports Renew

It’s that time of year, when legions of students and athletes fill school buses and gridirons across the country and the spotlight again shifts to sports-related collisions that result in concussions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, football, hockey and lacrosse contribute to the number of concussions.... Read More