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MON, APR 30, 2012

ACO Growth Prompts New AAAHC Accreditation Program

At its core, the accountable care organization (ACO) healthcare model is designed to provide high-quality patient care at the best possible cost. With its introduction in 2010’s healthcare reform, the concept spurred a sweeping number of changes to hospital operations. As the effects of the change still become evident, organizations nationwide... Read More

TUE, APR 24, 2012

Evaluate Your Anesthesia Department? We've Got an App For That!

Anyone with a smartphone can tell you the thousands – literally – of apps available that range in usefulness from very helpful to downright gratuitous. In the ever-expanding digital tsotchke landscape that is an app store, you’d be hard-pressed to find a program hospital administrators would find useful enough to... Read More

FRI, APR 13, 2012

Drug Shortage Crisis Affecting Hospital Operations

The drug shortage crisis in the United States is no mystery. For the past six years, the problem has become an increasingly difficult situation to address, culminating last year with record levels of shortages. Spurred by a variety of manufacturing issues – notably cutbacks in production and expiration of patents... Read More

THU, MAR 29, 2012

Anesthesiologists Should Supervise Cases At the Start of the Day

Anesthesia staffing models are a chief concern of many hospital executives, leading to a number of questions about how to best ensure maximum efficiency of the operating room. For example: How many hospital anesthesia clinicians does my facility need to employ? What is the most appropriate clinician mix of MDs and CRNAs... Read More

THU, MAR 15, 2012

Webinar Q&A About Anesthesia Care Team Model

Somnia Anesthesia’s first webinar of 2012, “How the Anesthesia Care Team Model Can Contribute to Clinical Quality Excellence in Your OR,” was extremely well attended and generated a large number of questions that could not be addressed during the 15-minute long Q&A session. If you missed the webinar, you can download... Read More