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MON, MAY 5, 2014

Leading Publication Discusses OIG Recommendations on HOPD Medicare Payments

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have been a major focus of our discussions, publications, and presentations in 2014 here at Somnia Anesthesia. Concurrently, they have been in the spotlight of the healthcare world as well. With many changes in regulatory and pay-for-performance programs from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services... Read More

FRI, MAY 2, 2014

Somnia Survey Ranks Career Factors for MDs and CRNAs

Recently, Somnia Anesthesia conducted a survey asking anesthesiologists and CRNAS around the US which career factors were most important to them. The questions were based around practice settings, case diversity, non-clinical responsibilities, practice staffing models, location, work schedule, compensation, and benefits. Participants were required to rank these factors on a... Read More

WED, APR 16, 2014

Well Worth A Read: Leading Publication Features Discussion on Hospital-Owned Medical Practices

Healthcare Financial Management (HFM) Magazine wrote an article in their April 2014 issue titled “Hospital-Owned Medical Practices – Gaining the Benefits Without the Losses.” After reading the HFM piece last week, I decided to share it with you in this blog entry. The author, Marc D. Halley, begins by explaining the... Read More

MON, MAR 31, 2014

FDA "Safe Use" Initiative Under Fire

Are FDA safety initiatives always sufficient? According to Somnia’s own Clifford Gevirtz, MD, the answer is an easy ‘NO’. According to the FDA website, “The goal of the Safe Use Initiative is to reduce preventable harm by identifying specific, preventable medication risks…” A Bronx-based anesthesiologist, Dr. Clifford Gevirtz, unwaveringly called-out the FDA, claiming... Read More

FRI, MAR 21, 2014

Record CEO Turnover Rates Brings New Challenges to US Hospitals

By: Hugh Morgan, VP Quality Management, Somnia Anesthesia   Hospital CEO turnover rates have reached record highs, and there are no signs of slowing down in the near future. This is just one of the many challenges that has emerged with the ever-changing healthcare landscape, and is becoming a real concern amongst... Read More