May 2013

THU, MAY 30, 2013

The Impact of Healthcare Reform May Need Wait-And-See Approach

The clock is ticking. With just about seven months remaining until the major changes of healthcare reform take hold, the anticipation – and dread - depending on where you stand on this hotly contested topic – is beginning to reach its zenith. For the 38th time, the U.S. House of Representatives... Read More

WED, MAY 8, 2013

Could Anesthesia Providers Vanish From GI Suite? Not Yet.

GI procedures have increased across the country and as a direct result so has the use of propofol during those cases.  And just as we have seen a sharp rise in these cases, so has a contentious debate on who should administer the anesthetic in the GI suite. Anesthesia providers contend... Read More