March 2013

TUE, MAR 19, 2013

Consolidation in Preoperative Process Leads to Wide Range of Benefits

It is no secret the negative impact cancelled surgeries have on a facility’s bottom line. Studies have shown that hospitals lose millions in direct and indirect costs. Reasons may vary why a patient decided to cancel, but research projects have indicated that a visit at a pre-anesthesia testing/screening (PAT/PAS) clinic... Read More

FRI, MAR 8, 2013

Pain Clinic at St. Barnabas Offers Alternative Option to Narcotic Medication Policy

A little more than a month ago, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg introduced a new policy that reduced the supply of pain medication in city emergency rooms. Effectively, the plan was aimed at combating the rampant growth of prescription pill addiction in the city’s five boroughs. While it is estimated... Read More

FRI, MAR 8, 2013

Patient Satisfaction is the Key to Stay Ahead of Competition

Patient satisfaction represents an essential part of quality management and is an essential component of continuous quality improvement in anesthesiology. It is difficult to measure patient satisfaction, especially in pre- and peri-operative period and therefore patient satisfaction has not been utilized as a key factor to gain competitive advantage for... Read More