June 2011

MON, JUN 27, 2011

Study Suggests Post-operative Nausea and Vomiting is Hereditary

Are some patients pre-disposed to post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV)? A study published in the July issue of Anesthesiology suggests that could be the case. The Study Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine gathered DNA samples from 122 patients with severe PONV who had at least three separate incidents following surgery. Patients answered questions about... Read More

FRI, JUN 17, 2011

PreAnesthesia Visit Calms Patients and Improves Satisfaction

Studies have shown that patients who meet their anesthesiologist preoperatively are less anxious and require less preoperative sedation. One study suggests the visit has an added benefit - improved patient satisfaction The BATHE Interview Method Reported in Anesthesiology News, the BATHE interview method focuses on Background, Affect, Trouble, Handling and Empathy. It is not a... Read More

FRI, JUN 3, 2011

The Patient Experience: How to Evaluate It?

What makes a patient experience a good experience? That's the question hospital executives face when attempting to define the issue. In a recent study of more than 790 hospitals, conducted by The Beryl Institute, patient experience was a high priority, ranked second behind quality/patient safety. While recognizing its importance, most hospital... Read More