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December 2014 (1)

TUE, DEC 30, 2014

Insights on Modernizing Anesthesia Services

Any of us would be hard pressed to identify one industry in which business is being conducted as it was even five years ago. Every market segment has become hyper-competitive and not having a differentiator can be a death knell. It’s a pretty safe bet that a majority of the... Read More

MON, DEC 22, 2014

Eliminating the Fear of Exploring Anesthesia Options

Change is rarely easy. People get comfortable in their ways. In business, implementing a new and different policy or procedure presents a challenge, especially when it threatens to disrupt a major source of revenue. One reason for the difficulty in implementation, from an executive perspective, may be lack of experience... Read More

TUE, DEC 16, 2014

Debunking Three Myths About Anesthesia MSOs: #3 MSOs: They’re All The Same

No two hospitals are the same. No two ambulatory surgery centers are the same. Bottom line: No two businesses are the same. That well known and widely accepted premise was established long ago. So why is it that many in the healthcare arena still believe there is no difference among... Read More

THU, DEC 11, 2014

Debunking Three Myths About Anesthesia MSOs: #2 MSO As Compensation Slasher

If you were asked to name a business that isn’t doing more with less these days, odds are you might be hard pressed to name one. And, if you were able to name more than one, the likelihood is they can all be counted on one hand. Healthcare, despite its... Read More

WED, DEC 3, 2014

Debunking Three Myths About Anesthesia MSOs: #1 They Use Their Employees, Not Yours

Thanks to disruptive technologies, shortages of particular skill sets, and a host of other factors, businesses today are having a tough time meeting the demands of the ever-shifting and complex marketplace. The same holds true in the healthcare sector, where hospitals, surgery centers and group practices are challenged to make... Read More