April 2013

FRI, APR 26, 2013

The Impact of Clinician Infighting on Patient Safety

Scour the web for research on the relationship between clinician teamwork and patient satisfaction, and you’re bound to see study after study that shows the positive effect a harmonious surgical team has on patient safety. Statistics prove that when an effective relationship exists between OR management, surgeons, nurses, and the... Read More

FRI, APR 12, 2013

Grassroots Group Says Anesthesia Drug Shortage Caused by GPOs

It is no secret that the anesthetic drug shortage is a cause of major concern to many anesthesiologists nationwide. A 2012 survey conducted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists discovered that 97.6% of anesthesiologists (2,989 out of 3,063 surveyed) are experiencing a shortage of at least one anesthetic. 96% reported... Read More

FRI, APR 5, 2013

Examining CRNA Integration and the Value of Anesthesia Services

Debating the merits of nurse anesthetist inclusion and independent practice on an anesthesia care team has been subject for discussion for quite some time. On one side, there are those that believe CRNAs aren’t capable of practicing independently and quality of care is sure to suffer. On the flip side,... Read More