MON, MAY 9, 2016

Best of Both Worlds: Anesthesia & Emergency Medicine

In April of this year, The American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) and the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) announced a new residency program that will combine training in anesthesiology and emergency medicine. Through this new program, residents can gain hands on experience in two fields that are extremely related. The program will open new doors for residents and medical students interested in pursuing anesthesiology or emergency medicine.

Dr. Barry N. Heller, ABEM President, described that the implementation of this new program will “reduce redundancies and increase efficiency in the education and training of these residents.” He also explained how this diverse training will differentiate residents as leaders in healthcare and that they will have “access to a broader array of career opportunities.” Dr. Heller understands the competitive environment of medical schooling and residency programs, and this new program gives students the opportunity to stand out amongst their peers.

The program will consist of a minimum of 5 years training that would be increased to 72 months if the program included a four-year emergency medicine residency. The ABA and ABEM are currently accepting applications for the program and residency programs may begin to offer this option before recruiting new residents.

Somnia Anesthesia understands the important relationship between anesthesia and emergency medicine units. As a national anesthesia practice management company, Somnia continues to bridge the gaps between anesthesia units and other hospital services and strongly supports this innovative residency program. To learn more about Somnia’s role in the anesthesia care team process, click here.

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