March 2016

WED, MAR 30, 2016

Sedasys Machines Won’t Replace Anesthesiologists

The Sedasys machine has become widely recognized as a medical technology that could effectively replace anesthesiologists. Third party reports have suggested that the machines perform the tasks of a modern-day anesthesiologist. However, top medical professionals are refuting these claims, and are proving that no machine can do the extensive, careful... Read More

TUE, MAR 15, 2016

The Mysteries Behind Phantom Limb Syndrome

With today’s advanced healthcare technology, many medical mysteries have been investigated and solved. However, phantom limb syndrome is one medical phenomenon that scientists and doctors are still trying to fully understand. What is phantom limb syndrome, and why is it so mysterious? According to researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital, “phantom limb... Read More

WED, MAR 2, 2016

Optimizing the Anesthesia RFP Process

Changing anesthesia groups can not only be daunting, but near impossible without the necessary resources, personnel, and a true understanding of your facility. Many healthcare facilities are often blind to the realities of the pitfalls of their current anesthesia management service provider and fall into the trap of inaction. However,... Read More