August 2016

THU, AUG 25, 2016

New Study Finds Anesthesia To Be Safe For Healthy Children Under Three

With an estimated two million children undergoing surgery in the United States every year, the concern for whether or not general anesthesia is safe for youth has been a pressing issue in the pediatric community for decades. However, a new study led by the Columbia University Medical Center has concluded that a... Read More

THU, AUG 18, 2016

Cupping: The Key to Athlete’s Olympic Success or False Science?

                If you have been watching the 2016 Rio Olympics lately or have seen any news coverage on the Games, you may have noticed strange, dark circular marks that have been popping up on the shoulders of star athletes like Michael Phelps. They weren’t... Read More

THU, AUG 11, 2016

Oldest Known Footage of Anesthesia Use Discovered

Thinking about surgery in the 1800’s, especially through the lens of anesthesia, is frightening. Though the tools were crude and the anesthetics sparse and not fully understood, it was those early  efforts that lead to the amazing technology we posses today.  Recently, we were given a more vivid look into... Read More

THU, AUG 4, 2016

Digital Sedation: Relaxing Patients Using VR

Now, when most people here the words virtual reality, they think about the latest video game. Whether it’s a mythical world you’re walking through or stepping into a digital sports car that travels at ludicrous speed, the last association you’re likely to make is that it is a step forward... Read More