Need for More Perioperative Data. We Agree.

Data, it’s getting bigger and bigger and driving businesses and service providers in every vertical. When done right, the collection, analysis and use of information generates efficiencies, lowers costs, improves performance and service delivery, and results in happy clients and customers. In healthcare, it can also result in healthier populations and improve patient experiences.

We believe strongly in using data to enhance patient care. As an anesthesia practice management provider, we also knew that many of the patient satisfaction surveys being conducted weren’t asking the right questions. To prove it, we undertook a five- year retrospective study of 30,000 anesthesia-specific surveys. The project involved two, CMS HCAHPS-approved surveys, one aimed at surgical patients, the other at obstetrical patients.  We published our findings in a two-part series.

Apparently, Douglas G. Merrill, MD, MBA, professor of anesthesiology at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, agrees with the need for more data in the ambulatory care setting to improve patient care, create efficiencies and lower costs. And who better positioned to play a role in capturing more data than anesthesiologists and CRNAs, who are central to the perioperative care process.

Dr. Merrill’s article, Ambulatory Care Centers Need Perioperative Data, provides insights into how data can be used to improve and standardize patient care.

Source: Crist, Carolyn (2016, September 19). Ambulatory Care Centers Need Perioperative Data. Anesthesiology News. Retrieved from

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