January 24, 2011
Philip S. Koerper, MD, chief of anesthesia at Kentucky Surgery Center, recently sat down with an editorial staff member at Beckers ASC Review. He discusses five ways that ambulatory surgery center's anesthesiologists can help promote high-quality patient care and good relationships between providers.
December 1, 2010
Anesthesia providers are deeply concerned about how the advent of accountable care organizations will impact their practice. Jonathan Friedman, Somnia’s COO, offers insights and valuable advice on how to optimize this unique opportunity.
August 9, 2010
Hugh Morgan, Somnia's Quality Assurance Officer sits down with us and discusses Somnia's Anesthesia Quality Assurance Program and its importance to hospital's today.
June 11, 2010
Q&A with Jonathan Friedman, COO, Somnia Anesthesia
March 25, 2010
What are some anesthesia trends/advances you're seeing in the ASC setting? Lagging marketplace perception concerning the non-congruency between ASC and anesthesia financials. ASC facility fees almost always dwarf anesthesia professional fees. As a result, a surgery center may turn a profit for a given operating room surgical volume on a given day but this volume may not provide ample compensation to support an anesthesiologist working for market rates.